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Cargo Survey in the port

Cargo Survey can be provided in the ports of Rotterdam, Vlissingen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Moerdijk and Bremerhaven. Also in the ports of Dubai, Jebel-Ali, Port Rashid, Sharjah, Alexandria and Abu Dhabi. Biosecurity Inspection for import to Australia.

Specific inspection info for CAT ®

We are specialized in CAT-equipment. Info about TA1 and TA2. Info about PSR and ECM. How to measure a Caterpillar-Undercarriage for info about remaining life.


We have added to our website some detailed info: how do we test an engine; how to adapt a hydraulic hammer; infor for leasing companies; info about torque stall test.

Appraisal and Valuation

In some countries a used machine inspection is called appraisal. We can do appraisals in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and many other countires. Also in Chile we can support your business.

Financial institutions need often an external expertise for the correct residual value of machinery and trucks. We can provide this service.

Inspections for other used equipment

We have engineers with experience in various kind of heavy equipment. Some are specialized in concrete pumps, ready mix trucks, trucks and tractor heads, trailers, forestry equipment such as harvesters and forwarders, skidders and log loaders.

Inspections for lifting equipment

Since a couple of years we perform inspections for used mobile cranes, used tower cranes, fork lift trucks and reach stackers.

Media Page

Linkls to our contribution in social networks and the sign up page for our newsletter.

Sample reports

For better understanding what we deliver in case you order our service we have made some sample reports. Please be aware of the copyright of these inspection forms. Articulated Truck, Backhoe Loader, Motor Grader, Tracked Excavator, Cold Planner, Crane, Rock Crusher, Mining Excavator, Truck, Wheel Loader,

Safety advise & Trade Marks

Some safety advise you can find here. By the way, used equipment you can find at Do we inspect machines in China? We do pre-shipment inspections in the port or anywhere else.

All used brand names like Caterpillar®, Komatsu©, Volvo©, Bell©, Liebherr© are under copyright of the present owners and might be registered trade marks®.

L/C certification

Some financial institutions ask for a certification if equipment is supposed to be what they are going to finance. We can provide L/C related certificates for Heavy Machinery.

Parts Cataloges for sale

We have made a specific website for spare-parts books. On you can find info about parts catalogues that we have for sale.

Inspection offer at various equipment dealer locations

Mevas offers equipment inspections for reasonable prices at various locations. We inspect at BSS, or at BIG Machinery. Our inspectors travel to Pfeiffer Machinery or to Schotsman.

Inspection info in various languages

We have added some basic info about Mevas Machinery inspections. You can find informations in Armenian, Azerbaijani, Estonian, Georgian, Dansk, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Korean, Mongolian, Swahili, Finnish, Swedish, Tajik, Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Kazakh and Malaysian, Portugues language. We have some of our infos also available as a PDF document. General Info, Specialists, Policy, Services, Equipment Inspections,

Excavator Picture